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Lightforce is a tabletop rpg campagin that is inspiring by pathfinder, and a number of overly complicated anime-themed videogames almost too stupidly annoying to even speak of. Also, Bjork. Everyone should say Bjork more. It's fun. Grab some mountain dew and have some fun.

So what is lightforce?Edit

Lightforce has been called many things, my personal favorite being "shonen protaganist simulator 2013", but is really just an open-ended world in which I can dump all of my best ideas and still be able to make sense out of it. The entire game is made with custom classes, races, and even schools of magic, so expect a few bumps in thr road if you've been unforntunate enough to be tricked into playing in this rampant mess.

I'm going to attempt to put some links below to all of the 'content' on this wiki, let's hope it works out well.

The World of Lightforce



Notable NPCs


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